KinoKitchen – curated by Nika Kupyrova

KinoKitchen – curated by Nika Kupyrova

in the framework of the exhibition “Your delicious dreaming”

With short film contributions by Marie Lukáčová, Daniel Hafner and Luke McCreadie

followed by the film “The Gallery” (2017) by Gerald Zahn and “Hannah”
19 min. 59 sec
German audio with English subtitles


Menu (meat and veg) in the winter spirit with:

Homemade Swedish Meatballs
with cream-and-mustard sauce, butter potatoes and cranberry jam

Beetroot, Cinnamon and Jerusalem Artichoke (Topinambur) Soup
with vegan cream, toppings and freshly baked bread

Screening starts 20:00



Gepostet am

4. Dezember 2019